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Just in case you weren’t in love with the last pair enough, these High-Waisted “Sabina” Knickers from Derby Fine Millinery have a cute sheer detailing down the front and don’t need anything else. Simple and sexy, they scream “power undies” for all the ladies in your life. Confidence ensues.

P.S. Anyone get the theme? I’m finally getting my hands on a high-waisted swimsuit from Topshop, and I can’t wait so I’m drooling over other high-waisted bottoms in the meantime.

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Fuck the King
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Metallic gel pen on illustration board. Never used that myself or saw that technique before. Spiritual and occult motifs: Mr. John Paul ‘Lakan’ Olivares is the creator. 

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Natale Luna Lefay Photography
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Natale Luna Lefay Photography


Gondolin Color by *chvacher
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Cats in piles

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Hedley Woods by Turtle-Arts
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